Learning outcomes

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Learning outcomes

Upon successful completion of the MSc, students will be able to:

  • Critically interpret the basic principles and practices of tourism management and the sub-disciplines of finance and accounting, marketing, leadership, human resource management and entrepreneurship.
  • Analyze and evaluate the financial and strategic aspects of tourism business.
  • Synthesize knowledge and apply management techniques to solve complex business problems, generate and compare alternatives and propose effective solutions in the tourism business sector.
  • Have an increased specialist knowledge of the global tourism industry and its trends.
  • Fluently apply marketing and branding techniques for tourism destinations and products.
  • Have an increased critical understanding of sustainable and viable tourism development and its impact on local communities and the environment.
  • Plan and manage tourism projects and programmes.
  • Demonstrate and innovatively apply value creation tools within the framework of the principles of business ethics and social responsibility.
  • Demonstrate a critical understanding of the legal and regulatory framework of the tourism sector
  • Develop leadership, team building and decision-making skills.
  • Articulate solutions to complex problems in the tourism sector and crisis management in an inductive and scientifically based manner, using appropriate information technology tools, statistical and quantitative methods.
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