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The Programme

The Department of Business Administration has been operating since the academic year 1999 the Postgraduate Program, entitled “Master in Business Administration – Tourism Management” (MBA – Tourism Management).

Given the diversity of the tourism industry and the diversity of knowledge and skills required, the Master’s degree is addressed to graduates in Business Administration, Economics, Science and Theoretical Sciences, who are already employed or will be employed in the Tourism Industry as well as in other more or less related professional activities.

The Postgraduate Studies Programme (MSc) in “Business Administration – Tourism Management”, aims to provide high level knowledge, principles and methods in this field, for the education and development of competent management executives. The curriculum aims at:

  1. Providing a comprehensive and integrated curriculum, in line with postgraduate reference standards, that focuses on deepening and advancing knowledge and understanding of contemporary management in the wider tourism sector (hospitality, travel and leisure industries).

  2. Creating high quality business executives with modern management/professional knowledge on the basis of innovation, extroversion and sustainable development.

  3. Promotion of research (economic – business, social, environmental and cultural) for the development of tourism businesses in particular at local, national and international level.

  4. Development of collaborations relevant to the subject- purpose of the programme with other higher education institutions in Greece or abroad.

Many of our graduates have made particularly successful careers, both in Greece and abroad, as Executives or Consultants in the Tourism industry and other Businesses such as Bank Executives and Executives in Supplier Companies (B2B) of the Tourism Sector and others. Graduates of the Programme have made very successful careers, both in Greece and abroad, as Executives or Consultants of Tourism and other Businesses as well as Executives of Banks and Suppliers (B2B) of the Tourism Sector and others. Graduates of the Programme have also made successful careers in Politics and Journalism as well as in the Academic Sector in Universities in Greece and Internationally.

The programme combines the courses of an MSc in Business Administration (MBA) with specialised subjects in Tourism Management. The faculty of the programme are academics with many years of experience in teaching at postgraduate level and senior executives from the tourism industry. Within the course, students will have the opportunity to get in touch with the business of the tourism industry at local and global level through lectures by market executives and field trips abroad to developed tourism countries.

Postgraduate Programs
The Department of

Business Administration

The Department of Business Administration of the University of Piraeus was founded in 1984. The vision of the Department of Business Administration is to establish itself as one of the leading and internationally recognized departments of business administration, and to be at the forefront of business education in Greece, producing managers with a high level of training, innovative thinking, and business intelligence.

The mission of the Department of Business Administration is to:

  • Promote excellence in education and to make the best use of knowledge in order to produce management graduates with values,
  • Engage in and support research which can meet contemporary economic, social, and business challenges and foster innovation in business administration,
  • Produce graduates who are capable of recognizing the challenges in the business environment and can contribute to entrepreneurial progress,
  • Develop managers with organizational, consulting, communication, and interpersonal skills, who are able to become mid-level and senior managers in businesses and organizations in the private and public sector,
  • Shape the leaders of the future, who can play a vital role in economic and social life at the national and international level,
  • Encourage professional specialization and training through brief, flexible lifelong learning education and training programs (on either an attendance or distance learning basis) and
  • Cultivate an outward-looking approach and collaboration with academic, research, social, and other institutions to advance entrepreneurship and benefit society.

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