Values of the Programme


of the Programme

The most important values that underlie the operation of the MSc are fully aligned with the Values of the Department of Business Administration and Management of the University of Piraeus and focus on the following points:

  • Respect: towards all members of the academic community, contributing to the enhancement of meritocracy, equality and academic freedom.
  • Quality: Commitment to providing academic services of the highest quality, as well as a continuous effort to improve the overall operation of the Program
  • Excellence: Encourage and support excellence in education, research and the production of new knowledge.
  • Transparency: implementing open and transparent processes that build trust and confidence with the academic community and society
  • Collaboration and Teamwork: Supporting collaborations and networking to share knowledge, views, best practices and research results in order to jointly develop new ideas.
  • Sustainability: respecting and promoting the principles of Sustainable Development
  • Social Responsibility: Developing actions with responsibility and consistency towards society and citizens
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