Applications valid till 11/07/2022!

Master in Business Administration-Tourism Management

Application Form

Fill in the fields with capital letters.

Applicants must be fluent in English. This MUST be proven either by official results from one of the various recognized English language proficiency tests or by an official proficiency level diploma.

List below your qualifications, degree, University, time of study, major and minor. Official copies of the diplomas with the grade should accompany the application or if they have not yet been obtained it should be noted and sent before the date of evaluation of the applications of the candidates.

Copies of the official documents must accompany this application or in any case be submitted before the date of evaluation of the candidates. Mention, in the space that follows, the titles that were awarded.

It is completed regardless of whether the application will be accompanied by a CV of the candidate or not.

Please give us more details about your working experience


Name, position and address of two University teachers or an employer (if there is or has been an employer). Letters of recommendation must be in an envelope stamped and signed at the point of seal and will accompany the application or be sent separately by the advisors to the postgraduate program secretariat before the date of the candidates' evaluation.

Applicants can use this section to supplement their previous answers or to provide more information relevant to their application (any GMAT TEST, work certificates, certificates of other studies, etc.)

This application must be accompanied by diplomas, professional qualifications, English language certificate and sealed letters of recommendation (when not be sent separately by the recommenders).

  • 1. Printed application form provided by the Department of Business Administration.
  • 2. Degree Copy*
  • 3. Bachelor`s Degree Transcript of Records
  • 4. Postgraduate Degree Copy (if applicable)
  • 5. Degree Recognition (by HNARIC-for graduates of foreign universities)
  • 6. English Language Certificate (ratified copy)**
  • 7. Curriculum Vitae
  • 8. Two (2) Letters of Reference (from academic staff) and One (1) Letter of Reference (from an employer-for applicants with business experience)
  • 9. Two (2) photographs signed by the applicant on their back side
  • 10. Copy of identity card

*Applications are also accepted from candidates who will become graduates in September 2022.
**Applications are also accepted from candidates who will receive a relevant receipt up to their registration in the Postgraduate Program.

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