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Supporting Services

During, but also after the completion of the study in the postgraduate program, support services are provided to facilitate its students and graduates.


University of Piraeus


Its mission is to support education and research. The library`s collection consists of books, scientific journals, magazines, publications and reports of private and public organizations, as well as digital audiovisual material.

Open E-class

The Open E-class platform is a complete Course Management System, used to store and present educational materials.

It is the solution offered by the Greek Academic Network (GUnet) to support asynchronous eLearning services. Its goal is the incorporation and constructive use of the Internet and web technologies in the teaching and learning process. The introduction of e-learning into the traditional teaching process provides new capabilities and allows new means of interaction between students and teachers. At the same time, it supports the electronic management, storage and presentation of teaching materials, transcending limitations of space and time and creating the necessary conditions for a dynamic teaching environment.


Career office

Its primary focus is on multilateral assistance for students / graduates for their smooth integration into the labor market and a successful career. It provides to students / alumni information, counseling and active support in preparing and finding employment in Greece and abroad, in choosing postgraduate studies and in engaging in entrepreneurial activities.

Computer Network Management Center

Computer Network Management Center

The Computer Network Management Center offers technical guidance and help to students regarding the use of the university’s electronic services (email accounts, VPN connections etc.)


Students Informative Service

Through the online application that covers topics related to their study, students have the opportunity to be informed about the courses of their curriculum, teachers, suggested textbooks, as well as announcements issued by the Secretariat and teachers, as well as to be informed about the grades in the courses that have been examined, to submit electronically the course statements of each semester, to receive immediately and in electronic form certificates of attendance, as well as to submit applications for the issuance of certificates.

This application is accessed through the personal account of each student.

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