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Academic advisor

In order to improve the quality of the operation of the postgraduate programme, the institution of the Academic Advisor has been established and operates, focusing on the student and considering that he/she will contribute decisively to his/her academic and subsequent professional career.

The Academic Advisor aims to guide and support the students in order to ensure the effective planning and successful completion of their studies.

Equally important objectives are to highlight the points that are likely to impede the study and to take appropriate initiatives to reduce or eliminate them, to facilitate communication between students and faculty of the MSc, to increase the interest of students to participate more effectively in their studies and in the events of the University.

The Academic Advisor is appointed at the beginning of each academic year and his/her term of office follows the duration of each MSc series in order to ensure continuity in the studies of postgraduate students.

For more information on the functioning of the institution of the Academic Advisor, students can consult the Regulation on the functioning of the institution of the Academic Advisor

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